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A tender and moving account of the life of Nobel Laureate Juan Ramón Jiménez and a little donkey named Platero, in southern Spain at the turn of the twentieth century. Set to music for guitar and narration by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Recorded in Spanish, with the printed text in Spanish and English.

Platero y yo

Nelson Brenes – Narrator Frank Koonce – Guitarist

Label: Soundset Recordings - SR1026

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Track NamePriceBuy Track
   1. Platero$1
   2. Amistad (Friendship)$1
   3. Golondrinas (Swallows)$1
   4. El Loco (The Crazy Man)$1
   5. Ronsard$1
   6. Angelus$1
   7. Retorno (Return)$1
   8. El Pozo (The Well)$1
   9. La Primavera (Springtime)$1
   10. Los Gitanos (The Gypsies)$1
   11. El Canario Vuela (The Canary Escapes)$1
   12. La Arrulladora (The Lullaby Singer)$1
   13. Juegos Del Anochecer (Games At Dusk)$1
   14. Idilio De Noviembre (November Idyll)$1
   15. La Muerte (Death)$1
   16. Melancolía (Melancholy)$1
   17. A Platero en el Cielo de Moguer (To Platero in the Heaven of Moguer)$1
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