The Well Tempered Koshkin
Nikita Koshkin, Guitar
with Frank Koonce, Guitar & Judicael Perroy, Guitar
A delightful CD featuring the lighter side of Koshkin with tongue-in-cheek musical parodies.
Soundset Recordings - SR1015
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   1.The Elves: Ste: Gavotta
   2.The Elves: Ste: Valse
   3.The Elves: Ste: March
   4.The Elves: Ste: Melody
   5.The Elves: Ste: Galop
   7.Three Stations On One Road
   8.The Ballads: Ste: 1. Allegretto
   9.The Ballads: Ste: 2. Moderato
   10.The Ballads: Ste: 3. Con Molto
   11.The Ballads: Ste: 4. Con Adagio Molto
   12.The Ballads: Ste: 5. Con Moterato
   15.They Are Approaching
   17.Cambridge Ste: Lullaby
   18.Cambridge Ste: Tennis Waltz
   19.Cambridge Ste: Ragtime
   20.Cambridge Ste: Ballad
   21.Cambridge Ste: Humoresque
   22.Let's Play Together
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